/Made for victory!

Made for victory!

With this motto in August 2020 the IX World University Canoe Sprint Championship is starting.

The Ambassadors of the Championship will be the members of the national canoeing team Hleb Saladukha and Alina Neumiarzhytskaya.

Hleb Saladukha — a canoeist, gold and silver medalist of the World Championships, three-time European champion, winner of the World University Canoe Sprint Championship (Minsk, 2014), bronze medalist of the Universiade (Kazan, 2013).

Body-art is made in the form of ornament, which is the part of Belarusian national flag. Red patterns are made on a permanent white background. It is considered, that the Belarusians managed to preserve original patterns, which had existed since Old Slavic times. The white colour symbolizes purity and openness, and fiery red color symbolizes blood, the sun and vitality.

It is a great honor to be an ambassador of the Championship, which takes place in my country, — said Hleb Saladukha. — I was a member of the World University Championship, which was held in Belarus in 2014. And I’m glad, that we showed the highest level of its organizing. I am sure that a great sports base and professionalism of the organizers will let us to do so in 2020! This year, I am finishing my career in University Sports, and, of course, I hope to win. I want to see a fair contest between strong contestants!

World University Championships are invaluable sports experience. This is always a big celebration, an opportunity to make new friends, to get familiar with other cultures. Sport unites; it is the best diplomat for people from other corners of the planet!

A letter “Ў” is a unique letter in Belarusian alphabet. You will never see it in any other Slavic alphabets, and makes the Belarusian language sound out of usual. To highlight this uniqueness a monument to “Ў” was installed in the city of Polotsk in 2003. Also this monument performs the function of sun-clock.

For today, I am a final year student of Belarusian State University of Physical Culture. I have been canoeing for 15 years. However, my history of this sport began in an unusual way. While the Physical Education lesson, a canoe coach came, who invited to his lessons all pupils, except me. I was the thinnest and the smallest in my class. My pride was hurt, so I came there myself! Who would have thought, that he refused to the world champion!

Alina Neumiarzhytskaya — a kayaker, World University Canoe Sprint Championship medalist, champion of Belarus

The Belarusians are hospitable people. While waiting on the championship, we collected the rows with flags, drawn on them, in a big bouquet. We hope that there will be more!

“I debuted last year at the World University Canoe Sprint Championship in Hungary. I won one silver and two bronze medals. I am happy, that Belarus can receive so many guests this year. This is a great opportunity for athletes from other countries to know the culture of our country.

Canoeing is my real passion! People from all over the world understand the importance of competing with each other, accumulating sports experience and developing spiritually and physically together! We will be happy to leave Belarusian kindliness and our frankness in their hearts.

Weaving wreaths is another Belarusian tradition. Young people tell fortunes at Kupala Night. If the wreath goes ashore – do not wait for love. If the wreath swims away – soon you will meet your love. To make Alina’s wreath lucky enough, we used rows when making it!

Alina Neumiarzhytskaya is a student of Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin. She combines the study of foreign languages and sports successfully. 

“We are born in different countries of the world, but are made for victory! — noticed Alina. — Welcome to Belarus!”